What is FinKi?

FinKi is a suite of financial data tools to access fast and accurate investment data. A one-stop data stack for investment platforms.

Who are FinKi?

Nerdy investment professionals that have suffered with old systems so decided to build a modern way to address legacy issues in the back-office


Scale everything according to your needs. PAYG and subscription options available. Get in touch.


Assessing thousands of stocks for their continued ISA eligibility is a problem all managers face

The FinKi ISA API can assess every stock, from every exchange on-demand. Via spreadsheet plugin or API

FinKi DividendAPI

Live dividend data on demand.Most exchanges covered. Most stocks covered.

Served on-demand via API or batch download in format of your choice. See some of the dividend data tables below


Regulatory documents on demand

Always live. Always up to date.

Addtional OCR sequence to extract Costs and Charges data

FinKi ETF HoldingsAPI

Want to see ALL underlying holdings in an ETF?

The FinKi ETF API can power 'look through' and greater transparency for ETF investors

The Free FinKiAPI

For Retail clients to track investments

Monitor dividends and key metrics in your favourite spreadsheet

Simple and free

No tech background or coding required

Custom APIs

Bespoke APIs/data sets on-demand

Fuzzy share search?

Logo search?

MiFID EMT search?

Data on Request Some other output from FinKi - based on user requests. Email your request.