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The following ETFs hold this stock

IE00BFWFPX50SPDR S&P U.S. Communication Services Select Sector UCITS ETF Acc18.2123%
IE00BDDRF478iShares S&P 500 Communication Sector UCITS ETF USD Acc17%
IE00BYTRRG40SPDR MSCI World Communication Services UCITS ETF13.0272%
IE00BM67HR47MSCI World Communication Services UCITS ETF 1C12.9971%
LU0832436512Lyxor SG Global Quality Income NTR UCITS ETF - Dist9.41251%
LU0855692520Lyxor SG Global Quality Income NTR UCITS ETF - Acc9.41251%
LU1040688639Lyxor SG Global Quality Income NTR UCITS ETF - Monthly Hedged to GBP - Acc9.41251%
LU1829221024Lyxor Nasdaq-100 UCITS ETF - Acc9.22001%
LU1900067270Lyxor MSCI South Africa UCITS ETF - Acc9.21094%
FR0010315770Lyxor MSCI World UCITS ETF - Dist9.19275%
FR0011660927Lyxor MSCI World UCITS ETF - Monthly Hedged to EUR - Dist9.19275%
FR0011669845Lyxor MSCI World UCITS ETF - Monthly Hedged to USD - Dist9.19275%
LU1681041627Amundi MSCI Europe Minimum Volatility Factor UCITS ETF-C GBP9.01%
LU0959210278Lyxor SG European Quality Income NTR UCITS ETF - Dist8.47154%
LU1900066033Lyxor MSCI Taiwan UCITS ETF - Acc8.47154%
LU0496786574Lyxor S&P 500 UCITS ETF - Dist EUR6.89111%
LU0496786657Lyxor S&P 500 UCITS ETF - Dist USD6.89111%
LU0959211243Lyxor S&P 500 UCITS ETF - Daily Hedged to EUR - Dist6.89111%
LU1135865084Lyxor S&P 500 UCITS ETF - Acc6.89111%
LU1302703878Lyxor S&P 500 UCITS ETF - Daily Hedged to CHF - Dist6.89111%
LU1950341179Lyxor S&P 500 UCITS ETF - Daily Hedged to GBP - Dist6.89%
LU1900066462Lyxor MSCI Eastern Europe Ex Russia UCITS ETF - Acc6.39208%
LU0490618542S&P 500 Swap UCITS ETF 1C5.47547%
IE00B3YCGJ38S&P 500 Acc5.38082%
IE00B60SX402Russell 20005.21908%
LU0292108619MSCI EM Latin America Swap UCITS ETF 1C4.95166%
LU0328476410S&P Select Frontier Swap UCITS ETF 1C4.74039%
IE00BKS7L097S&P 500 ESG4.6826%
LU1681038243Amundi Nasdaq-100 ETF-C EUR4.59%
FR0007075494Lyxor DJ Global Titans 50 UCITS ETF - Dist4.56632%
LU1237527160Lyxor FTSE Europe Minimum Variance DR UCITS ETF - Acc4.562%
LU1812091947Lyxor Privex UCITS ETF - Dist4.562%
LU1287022708Lyxor Pan Africa UCITS ETF - Acc4.50542%
LU1901001542Lyxor MSCI Malaysia UCITS ETF - Acc4.49063%
LU1900067601Lyxor MSCI Turkey UCITS ETF - Acc4.4658%
LU1900067940Lyxor Hong Kong HSI UCITS ETF - Dist4.42756%
LU0322252924FTSE Vietnam Swap UCITS ETF 1C4.26%
LU1681041973Amundi MSCI Europe High Dividend Factor UCITS ETF-C4.12%
IE00BQXKVQ19MSCI GCC Select Swap UCITS ETF 1C3.94862%
LU1900066207Lyxor MSCI Brazil UCITS ETF - Acc3.8851%
LU0322252502MSCI Russia Capped Swap UCITS ETF 1C3.86%
LU0455009265MSCI Russia Capped Swap UCITS ETF 2D3.86%
FR0010688192Amundi ETF MSCI Europe Healthcare UCITS ETF GBP3.6%
LU0274210672MSCI USA Swap UCITS ETF 1C3.42787%
IE00BFZXGZ54NASDAQ-100 Acc3.39285%
FR0010655761Amundi ETF MSCI UK UCITS ETF GBP3.33%
FR0010655746Amundi ETF MSCI Spain UCITS ETF GBP3.31%
IE00B53SZB19iShares NASDAQ 100 UCITS ETF USD Acc3.31%
IE00BYVQ9F29iShares Nasdaq 100 UCITS ETF EUR Hedged Acc3.31%
LU2055175025Lyxor MSCI USA Climate Change UCITS ETF - Acc3.27392%
IE00BL25JP72MSCI World Momentum UCITS ETF 1C3.23206%
IE00BP3QZ825iShares Edge MSCI World Momentum Factor UCITS ETF USD Acc3.14%
IE00BL25JL35MSCI World Quality UCITS ETF 1C3.00419%
IE00BP3QZ601iShares Edge MSCI World Quality Factor UCITS ETF USD Acc2.93%
LU0292103651Stoxx Europe 600 Banks Swap UCITS ETF 1C2.91032%
LU0592217524MSCI Africa Top 50 Swap UCITS ETF 1C2.83674%
LU0496786905Lyxor Australia S&P/ASX 200 UCITS ETF - Dist2.69168%
IE00BD1F4L37iShares Edge MSCI USA Quality Factor UCITS ETF USD Acc2.67%
IE00BF2QSQ20iShares Edge MSCI USA Quality Factor UCITS ETF USD Dist2.67%
IE00B60SX394MSCI World2.45334%
LU1650492173Lyxor FTSE 100 UCITS ETF - Acc2.4464%
LU1650492256Lyxor FTSE 100 UCITS ETF - Dist2.4464%
LU1650492330Lyxor FTSE 100 UCITS ETF - Monthly Hedged to EUR - Acc2.4464%
LU1650492504Lyxor FTSE 100 UCITS ETF - Monthly Hedged to USD - Acc2.4464%
IE00BVGC6751JPX-Nikkei 400 USD Hedged2.43571%
LU0292100806Stoxx Europe 600 Basic Resources Swap UCITS ETF 1C2.19068%
LU0322250712LPX Private Equity Swap UCITS ETF 1C2.16324%
IE00BH4GPZ28SPDR S&P 500 ESG Screened UCITS ETF Acc2.05137%
IE00BKLWY790L&G US Equity Responsible Exclusions UCITS ETF1.99%
IE00B3XXRP09Vanguard S&P 500 UCITS ETF - USD Distributing1.98101%
IE00BKSBGS44Fidelity Sustainable Research Enhanced US Equity UCITS ETF ACC-USD1.97817%
IE00B6YX5C33SPDR S&P 500 UCITS ETF Dist1.95315%
IE00BYYW2V44SPDR S&P 500 EUR Hdg UCITS ETF Acc1.95315%
FR0010869495Lyxor Daily ShortDAX x2 UCITS ETF - Acc1.95295%
IE00B8KMSQ34S&P 500 UCITS ETF 3C CHF Hedged1.94587%
IE00BGJWX091S&P 500 UCITS ETF 1D EUR Hedged1.94587%
IE00BM67HW99S&P 500 UCITS ETF 1C EUR Hedged1.94587%
IE00BM67HX07S&P 500 UCITS ETF 2C GBP Hedged1.94587%
FR0013209921Lyxor MSCI World Ex EMU UCITS ETF - Acc1.93556%
IE00BFXR5Q31L&G US Equity UCITS ETF1.92%
FR0011363423Lyxor MSCI USA UCITS ETF - Acc1.91%
IE0031442068iShares Core S&P 500 UCITS ETF USD Dist1.91%
IE00B3ZW0K18iShares S&P 500 EUR Hedged UCITS ETF Acc1.91%
IE00B5BMR087iShares Core S&P 500 UCITS ETF USD Acc1.91%
IE00BD8KRH84iShares Core S&P 500 UCITS ETF GBP Hedged Dist1.91%
IE00BL3J3G74iShares Core S&P 500 UCITS ETF MXN Hedged Acc1.91%
FR0010296061Lyxor MSCI USA UCITS ETF - Dist1.90698%
IE00B5KQNG97HSBC S&P 500 UCITS ETF1.90503%
IE00BF4G7076JPMorgan ETFs US Research Enhanced Index Equity ESG UCITS ETF1.88792%
IE00BFNM3G45iShares MSCI USA ESG Screened UCITS ETF USD Acc1.87%
IE00BFNM3H51iShares MSCI USA ESG Screened UCITS ETF USD Dist1.87%
IE00B3Y8X563iShares S&P 500 GBP Hedged UCITS ETF Acc1.85%
IE00BJK9H753JPMorgan ETFs BetaBuilders US Equity UCITS ETF1.8326%
IE00BJK9H860JPMorgan ETFs BetaBuilders US Equity UCITS ETF1.8326%
IE00BYX5K108MSCI Europe ex-UK1.83%
IE00BKX55R35Vanguard FTSE North America UCITS ETF - USD Distributing1.81711%
IE00BG04LZ52MSCI USA UCITS ETF 3C - CHF Hedged1.81552%
IE00BG04M077MSCI USA UCITS ETF 2C - EUR Hedged1.81552%