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Even if you subscribe to a highly priced major data vendor feed you'd be amazed how inaccurate that feed can be.


Platform Date ETF / IT / FUND Link
Freetrade July 2019 Renewable Infrastructure (TRIG)
Interactive Investor June 2019 Edinburgh Dragon Trust (EFM)
YouInvest May 2019 British Empire(BTEM) converts to AVI Global (AGT)
Dozens May 2019 British Empire(BTEM) converts to AVI Global (AGT)
YouInvest May 2019 ETFS Physical Silver (PHSP)
Freetrade May 2019 British Empire Investment Trust (BTEM)
tickr May 2019 iShares Digitalisation ETF (DGIT)
Dozens May 2019 L&G Cyber Security Fund
MoneyBox May 2019 iShares Global Property Securities Fund
Dabbl May 2019 Coming Soon ----
Degiro May 2019 Coming Soon ----
Plum April 2019 Vanguard LifeStrategy 20%
Freetrade April 2019 Scottish Investment Trust (SCIN)
tickr April 2019 iShares Ageing Population (AGES)
Dozens April 2019 Invesco NASDAQ Fintech (FTEK)
Dozens April 2019 iShares NASDAQ 100 (CNDX)